You wouldn't

drive a car with your eyes closed...

You wouldn't

pilot a plane with your eyes closed...

You wouldn't

throw a dart with your eyes closed...

You wouldn't

perform surgery with your eyes closed...

So, why would you...

make talent decisions with your eyes closed?

Data for illumination

Culturebie: Data Analytics Platform

Our Mission

Data analytics for impactful talent decisions and better worklives.

How can we improve employee experience? What leads to employee turnover? What facilitates collaboration in teams? How can we promote diversity in leadership?

Today’s companies generate large amounts of data that could support talent and culture decisions that drive business results. Yet, not every company has the resources to take advantage of that data. Even among those who can, cleaning data and building analytics tools can be resource-intensive.
Culturebie makes talent analytics more accessible through tools and services that can be used by managers, HR specialists, and data scientists alike. Our goal is to help our customers spend more time making strategic decisions than crunching the numbers.


Employee Surveys

We design and conduct surveys to gather feedback about employee and candidate experience. We provide in-depth analysis along with key insights and concrete recommendations.
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Talent Dashboards

We design your talent dashboard with select metrics that are updated every month. data dashboard helps you see nascent problems before they become crises.
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Advanced Analytics

We build custom models and algorithms using the data you have to provide insights into your specific questions.
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HR Data Cleaning

We provide software to integrate and clean data to accelerate analytics.
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Hello & Welcome!

I lead and implement data analytics projects for Culturebie. More here.


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I oversee technology for Culturebie's data analytics platform. More here.

Kentaro Toyama
Technology Architect


I work with Culturebie on developing its mission and strategy. More here.

Ed Happ
Strategy Advisor

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I advise Culturebie on business strategy. More here.

Nancy Benovich Gilby
Business Advisor

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